Start Your Middle School Without Nervous

How to Not Be Nervous About Starting Middle School for Your Very First Time


Elementary school is very different from middle school. You have more teachers, more classes, and more responsibility. People expect you to act more like an adult than a child. This makes preteens everywhere nervous. They are afraid they might mess up, get lost, or do something wrong.
This article will show you how to avoid being nervous about starting middle school for the very first time. The more you know about how to cope, the less nervous you will be. You will feel more prepared and laid back, and that’s a wonderful thing. Follow these steps to insure you won’t be nervous.

1. Talk to an older sibling about middle school. Students who have experienced middle school will remember what it was like to be nervous when they were starting middle school. They can help you, and give you tips they wish they would have known. Listening to someone tell you “It’s okay, I have been there” will make you feel less nervous.
2. Start thinking about the best things that could happen to you on your first day. Don’t think about the bad things that could happen because, then they could happen & get you more nervous.
3. Understand that teachers will be there to help you. They know that it’s your first time at middle school, and they will help you figure out where you need to go. They won’t shout at you if you show up late because you couldn’t find your classroom. Lots of kids do it. Remember that you can ask any teacher for directions.
4. Remember that you have friends to talk to at school, and if you have had a bad past with some people and want to be friends with them, just talk to them and forget about the past. Think of the future.
5. Relax. You’re not the first person to be nervous. You have your friends that might feel that way too, just share your feelings with some of your friends and compare your feelings with theirs. Chances are, they won’t be too different.
6. Start going to sleep a bit early when it’s the night before the first day of school. Just think of it as any other night you have to go to sleep early so you can get a good rest.

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