Is Boarding School Right for Your Child?


“Are you wondering whether boarding school is right for your child? Answer these five questions and you will be better able to determine whether it is.”

1. Do you want to stretch your child?
If you are content with the status quo, then boarding school is probably not a good idea. Why? Because by going to boarding school your child will be embarking on an incredible adventure. She will be exposed to all kinds of new ideas and different points of view. She will be able to select academic courses which will enrich and challenge her. She will be in small classes where she cannot hide in the corner. Her opinion and ideas will matter. Her strengths will be expanded. Her weaknesses will be addressed in a positive environment.
2. Do you want her to have sports opportunities fall, winter and spring?
It’s a major difference between public and private schools. Stories about public school budgets being cut are everywhere. The first things to get cut are sports, arts and extracurricular programs. They are often considered extras. Not at a boarding school.
Boarding schools have long subscribed to the idea that education works best when there is balance. Academics, sports and the extracurricular activities which are part of every boarding school’s program make this philosophy work very well.
3. Do you want her to develop a network of friends which she will have for life?
We adults understand the importance of networks more than ever in these tough economic times. Networks of friends and acquaintances who know you, understand you and can vouch for you are one of the lasting benefits of a boarding school experience. When you live with your classmates 24/7, you really get to know them. You also appreciate them, and, even more important, learn to get along with them. The diverse nature of most boarding school populations these days means that your child has the potential for a network of friends which literally could stretch around the world.\

Written by Robert Kennedy
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