10 Ways to Teach your Child to Love Reading


Reading has long been established as one of the most important tools of education. If a child cannot read, a child cannot learn… so reading is one of the first things we want to teach our children. So, How to make your Child love reading? this, we share about 10 ways to teachyour child love reading..

1.  Start Early

From the first week of life, we read books to our babies every night before bed. Just one or two – it does not take a lot of time. I find that if you start making it part of their bedtime routine, like brushing teeth, or putting on pajamas, it becomes natural for them, and they look forward to it. Bonus: It is special bonding time with your child each and every night!

2. Pick the Right Books

I am still shocked at some of the children’s books that I find on the shelves at the local library. There are some really poorly written books – books that are way too long winded, and books that are boring! I am very picky about which books I check out to bring home. I do not simply grab a handful off the library shelf. I look through each and every one before I come home. Depending on the age of the child, I choose books that have just a few words per page, on up to a full page. I find ones that have understandable pictures, with fun colors. I choose books that have a PLOT, like they should. I make certain that any book I bring home will grab the attention of my child, and keep him/her interested while I am reading . I do not want them getting bored during story time. Finally, I choose books that have a feel-good ending. I want my children to have happy endings for as long as they can.

3. Become Part of the Story

It is so important while the kids are young for you to be injecting your excitement for books into that reading time. If the story is getting suspenseful, slow down and let the nervous energy build. If it’s sad, lower your voice, and be sad. If it’s exciting, let that show in how you are reading to your child. If you love to read, so will your child, and you will find that reading becomes more engaging for them.

4. Take Your Time

As you are reading, do not simply ‘read and flip’ the page. Let your child’s eyes linger on the page, which will help their comprehension of what was just read. Think about it – when we read a magazine, we do not flip through the pages looking only at the words at the bottom of the page. We look at the pictures and gather information from what is happening, to help us with the reading. So does your child. Let him or her take their time ingesting the photos on the page, and read slowly. You can even leave words out and let them guess. If there is a picture of cookies and milk on the counter, read cookies, but leave out the milk and let the child fill in the blank, “Bobby quickly ate his cookie and drank his ________.” My kids love getting involved, and feeling like they are reading too – even when they have not yet learned how.

5. Talk About Books

Around the dinner table, involve your new reader in the conversation by bringing up the book that he or she read that day, and let the family ask questions about it. If your family is enthusiastic about that child’s reading, it prompts within the child a desire to talk more about in the future. Before long, you will find him or her asking you to read a book in your spare time, instead of the other way around!

6. Be Patient

Article by : Mindy Mcknight (www.babble.com)



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