Blood Donations with IISO

Jakarta, October 11th, 2013

With giving blood provides an essential lifeline to those in need, but a growing body of research demonstrates that it could have health benefits for the donor too. Findings have shown that donating blood reduces the risk of heart attacks and even cancer. It even burns 650 calories for every pint given.


Para Pendonor sedang mengantri giliran

Blood Donations at our school is work program in the Division of Social, located in the building in Palma School IIHS One Floor 4.
Blood donation is open for public, a lot of parents who participated in the blood donation activity, not forget the teachers participating in this activity. There are some students who are old enough to try to participate in blood donation.Donors must be above a minimum limit of 17 years, where blood cells are formed. Blood donation is giving a lesson to the students about sharing to others. Hopefully this event can take place every year.


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