A comfortable home is one key to success for students in academic achievement and non-academic. For that we set up residence as well as a place to rest, a place to learn, and a comfortable place to socialize and have complete facilities.

The atmosphere is formed to build an Islamic character and supported students with discipline. In addition, the dormitory also establishes good communication in English and Arabic. Each dorm was accompanied by a dormitory lead that foster boarding activities every day such as in terms of discipline, worship, morality, language coaching. The term used for the male dormitory lead is mursyid and female dormitory lead is mursyidah.

Location of the dorm is at patra residential complex which is not far from the school building. In the morning students are escorted to school by bus, accompanied mursyid/ah, as well as going home after school. The atmosphere at the dorm is comfortable but still promotes discipline, worship and achievements both academic and non academic. The dorm is also equipped with several facilities as follows:
• Swimming pool
• Tennis court
• Basketball court
• Badminton court
• Jogging Track
• Laundry & House Keeping
• Security 24 hours a day – 7 days a week



IIEC Daily Activity

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