Founder’s Note

Emil Abbas - IIEC Founder

” Education should serve not only as a gateway to replenish knowledge for minds alone, but also to rejuvenate ones’ hearts and souls, for it is the only way whereby knowledge can be used to behold and testify the glorious wisdom of life 

International Islamic education council (IIEC) is an International Islamic Education Institution established by DR. Emil Abbas in Indonesia as a Symbol to represent the world’s largest Islamic community as well as to announce Indonesia as the back bone of 2 billion Islamic people in the world.

Education is the locomotive for change and progress,therefore IIEC uses international islamic eduction as a motto in establishing the appropriate form of islamic education for all muslims to follow everyday and everywhere.

In designing the established, IIEC positioned that all knowledge is owned and originated from Allah. Humans may access it through nine instruments that are attached inside every human beign, which are conscience, acts, testimony, will and five human senses.

IIEC designs all the educational needs from the curriculum, HR, uniform, Information Technology, Building, financial management, tools, alumni management, to career placement and others needed in the teaching and learning process that is perfomed by the education unit, including international relations.

In its implementation, IIEC has 11 departements that work in each of their own field so all of IIEC educational design products are always up to date in time and islamic to be distributed to the education unit’s executives both for other education units that intend on using them.

Dr. H. Emil Abbas, MBA.


    The Founder

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