President’s Note

ms indah

Welcome Students!

I have a dream that in your hands, this country will raise and prosper and will uphold the dignity of its people. With that in mind, I strive everyday of my life to make that dream come true. Through educating the young generation like you, connecting you with the outside world so you can feel the cross-cultural experiences, enrich you with skills and knowledge and fill faith and belief of Islam in your heart, regale you with a few stories of the remarkable people whose company you will keep throughout your lives, I believe you are one step closer to brighten the future of this country we love.

It has always been my passion to mentor young leaders like you. I have learned over the course of my own journey of life, that leadership isn’t something you learn from books or just by sitting hours in classes; it’s earned through experience, through effort, through many failures that turn out to be opportunities for learning. In IIEC we have designed an education as such: we learn new things, we brainstorms, we experiences and explores, we questions, we fix what is unfixed, we changes what is necessary to change, we go through hard times together and we always develop ourselves with a goal to gently induce the development surround us. IIEC is an education that unlocks your potentials, makes you think ahead and direct you forward towards your bright future.

The strength and success of a country locked beneath its own people’s potential, leadership and courage; therefore, our education is the key to that. That is why I am here deploying all the wit and charm I could muster to persuade you to make IIEC your place of education as well as your home for at least the next three years, so that our country will have leaders it needed.

I will spare you the speech I prepared, and save its sentiments for the time when I hope that a great many of you will arrive—with your suitcases ready to be unpacked, your teacher ready to teach you, your roommates ready to meet you, your minds ready to open, and IISS or IIHS ready to take you in and launch you on a transformative and unforgettable time in your lives.

I know many of you students aspire to have a positive impact on our beloved country Indonesia and our world, so I look forward to discover your uniqueness and curious about the impact you will make of your own leadership. I hope we will have the privilege of your joining the IIEC community.



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